2013 Ride to conquer cancer benefiting Peter Mac

2013 Ride to conquer cancer benefiting Peter Mac

I’ll be blogging  here https://davidmanhire.wordpress.com/
The reason? I can add lot’s more content here! (you know, pictures and stuff) and you can leave comments too.

The Ride to Conquer Cancer benefiting the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre is a 200km two day cycling event from Melbourne through the Mornington Peninsula that I am embarking on to fight cancer even though they haven’t told us where exactly! It will be a challenge, but with my bike, and your generosity and support, a real impact will be made!

Why am I riding?

I’m riding this event for four main reasons;

1. I love riding my bike! (Which is handy for a cycling event).

2. I love my Toni. Recently my wife was diagnosed with cancer and I have experienced firsthand what this disease does, not only to the individual but to their family and friends.

3. I can do something! After Seeing what Peter Mac does to help Toni fight this disease and the ongoing support they give to Toni and our family makes this a very personal quest. So I am using my love of riding to help raise much needed funds (with your support) to benefit all Australian cancer sufferers and their families that will use Peter Macs services (patients from all over Australia are treated here at Peter Mac).

4. Most importantly for you, your donation goes directly to the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre for research. Yes, a small percentage goes to running the event (but even the support people raise money as well as donate their time) So your money is getting to where you want it to go.

So please contribute to this worthwhile event with a donation. Funds raised in The Ride to Conquer Cancer will support Peter Mac, the only public hospital in Australia solely dedicated to cancer.

Thank you in advance for your help and support.

David Manhire

(on reflection I should have put “I love Toni” first, damn you Freud)


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