So much support, WOW – and driving in cars …

Firstly, a sincere thanks to all those who have donated and the kind words of support, Toni and I really appreciate it.

Well it’s nice and toasty in Melbourne this week and waiting for my thumb to heal is frustrating,
with luck in two weeks I’ll be back on the bike and can start my training proper!
As a full time rider getting a lift to work in a CAR only strengthens my resolve to be a cyclist,
driving to and from work is, um, unpleasant? Public transport? Well I’m not even going there!

Toni has started a course of medication that will hopefully have a positive effect; I can tell you the side effects are so I can only hope it means it’s working.
Time and the next scan will tell. Also while I watch firsthand how Toni’s cancer story goes it strengthens my resolve to do well with the ride and the
fundraising because I now better understand just what it is people and their family and friends go through, the scary fact that keeps popping up is just
how many Australians will get cancer and how little we really can do about it.

So to spell it out, r-e-s-e-a-r-c-h.

Because what we do now will help people in the future.



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