Grenade? Pull the pin and let training begin!

The hand went in to get the pin out on Wed (yes I went with it), yay. Dr was nice; pins came out easy and painlessly, but still have to wear the brace for a while longer… Pin So next stop the hand therapist. Hand therapists a nice people who do dressings, make protective braces out of thermal plastic and instruct you on exercises to rehabilitate your repaired bits and such (I think they would make cool Art or Kindergarten teachers too). So my hand therapist heated up the brace to re shape it now the pins out. brace Once heated the brace is fitted to the new shape and has to cool down to retain it. While it was on and cooling down (and she wasn’t looking) I grabbed the tube shaped leg of my chair…. She catches me and asked what I was doing…. I said “shaping the brace so I can hold the handle bar with the brace on” (Well in truth I rode to the hospital and I wanted to make sure I could ride home!) Speaking of the ride in, I had to change a tyre for a stranded cyclist on the way in, single handed I showed him how to use QR levers as tyre levers! Anyhoo, still working to perfect the brace shape and my “core” is getting a good workout while keeping pressure off it on the bike, so training begins! And with luck I’ll be able to do the dishes and stuff soon too!

Fit after the hospital visit was so so…


So when I got home, I figured I could do better (to suit my purpose anyway)..


Well you have to try these things….don’t you?


See you on the road!


My ride to conquer cancer page


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