Training, I’m Training? for a 200km ride woo hoo

200km in two days sounds like a lot to a commuter riding around on a single speed bike!

If it's only got one gear, make it a good one!

If it’s only got one gear, make it a good one!

I’ve done 50k+ day rides for fun with no problem but two blocks of 100k in a weekend sounds, um, daunting!

First thing to do was to plan my training so when the BIG weekend arrives I can do it.
The second thing of course is to ride! (That’s the best bit).

So what does a plan look like to ride a 200k weekend?

Well it’s really simple, first you look at how many kilometres you ride a week now, let’s say, um, 50. While this does not look like much
now what do you need to do to get to 200? We have roughly 26 weeks to go so if we do an extra 6km a week by week 26 our bum will be
up to 210km a week! So with just a small increase in weekly k’s look where we are at! Cool. Of course some weeks you’ll feel extra good
(not raining cats and dogs) and you’ll go further and other days you’re better off resting but if you stick with it you will be casually saying things
at lunch like “Just rode 70k to such n such place” to the amazement of your non cycling buddies who drive 300 meters to the shop and back!

IF keen, get experience riding in all types of weather!

If keen, get experience riding in all types of weather!

Were to do your training rides?

EVERYWHERE! Distance and variety is the key, lots of flat and hilly sections and make sure you include some challenging hill too.
Don’t live next to Mt Kosciusko? No problem, all you need is a stretch of road of reasonable length that leans up and makes you breathe hard!
I bet you already know one of those (and kind of avoid it on regular rides). So include that fun stretch in say every second ride to start with.
Got gears? Start off easy, nice low gear and don’t burn yourself out, this is training not a race for gold! Just including that challenge gets you on your way.

Your Bike:

I hear tell bike is the new golf? Phfffft to that. Golf is a good way to spoil a nice walk, but riding is a great way to improve on it! But to use an analogy with
golf in it I would put it thus; if you gave Tiger Woods an inexpensive set of clubs to play with he would still play like a champion ergo; If Cadel Evans was
on a bike from Woollies you still wouldn’t see him for dust! While it’s nice to ride a high dollar machine it’s the riding you do that makes you a better rider. End.

Bike Polo is the new Bike Golf!

Bike Polo is the new Bike Golf!

So you have a bike?

Cool, next step is to make sure it’s working properly and FITS you. I can’t stress enough the importance of your bike shop, the people in the bike shop are
your link to many happy times and a good relationship with a bike shop you trust is paramount to this. Yeah, you can Google bike fit theory and maintenance
videos till your bum hurts and if you’re handy on the tools do a lot of your own work to save some bucks. But nothing beats that bike shop dude for these main reasons.

A good bike shop is a must have, especially if your running low on ammo.....

A good bike shop is a must have, especially if your running low on ammo…..

1. Bike shop people don’t just sell bikes, they love bikes. (I’ve seen them cry over a neglected chain squealing and rusting away).
2. Like all cyclists they’re “people” people who care about your riding and you.
3. They have the experience of looking after many riders to help you achieve your cycling nirvana.
So if you don’t already have a great bike shop to turn to, ask around, in bikes reputation is everything and if someone is happy they will tell you and tell you why.
In my case I have lived in a few different areas and always made friends with my local shop, for the last 14yrs it has been Pro-Motion cycles in Ormond (Victoria, Australia).

Leon (owner) rides and is a people person with years of experience to help me. And he does which is why I always recommend his shop without hesitation.
I’ve have him look after all my bikes, my son’s bikes, and my grandson’s bike!

That's Leon on the left :) Hi Leon!

That’s Leon on the left 🙂 Hi Leon!

Bike fit. Hands going numb? Knees hurt? Lower back pain? Just doesn’t feel right when riding? Talk to your bike shop, a small adjustment here and there from an experienced
bike shop will solve all those issues. Sometimes it only takes a saddle or stem height adjustment and you’re on your way! I once dropped into mine and found my saddle height
had slipped 30mm over a twelve month period without my noticing which they picked up that it was the wrong height in seconds and the difference that made was awesome!
(Why didn’t

I think to check that, I know, I was too busy riding!)

So, Internet or Bike shop? Nothing is free; I accept that I will pay more from my bike shop than from some online store. I do this because of the service, advice and help I get,
it’s that simple. Your bike shop is a business and has to make a profit, being a shop it has overheads and blah blah blah. I suppose the alternative would be for Leon to charge me
for each piece of advice and minor adjustment he makes……. Oh, hang on, there are now shops appearing that do that! They specialise in helping those people out that bought
their stuff off the net and need someone to make it work! (and charge accordingly.) So either way folks, you pay.

Nate following in the pedal strokes of me!

Nate following in the pedal strokes of me!

See you on the road 🙂

Click to see My Ride to conquer cancer page


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