Brief History of Dave Manhire

I like to ride my bicycles, race slot cars, and lot’s of live music! V8s and Vdubs rule the road. Grankids make life perfect and I never get tired of great music.
Back when I was hanging around
3MDR(co-presenting) and doing sound eng. I had fun with bands such as….

“The Highway Dogs”
Norsia (Stu also drummed for Mark of Cain)
Stephen Hogg (Ex Reify’s solo stuff) – “Diamond Shifter” (Played a bit on these too)
Big Pop Monsters
and doing cabaret shows was fun touring the RSL’s with seven singers and band WITH a horn section!, two of the girls later formed BABBA…

Jobs? I’ve had plenty, I could probably do a whole blog about all the different jobs I’ve had over the years! (and I just might).
Kids, well I like ’em, and have managed to accumulate half a dozen and now grand kids are sprouting so I can still play Lego and cars for a few more years yet!



  1. Good work Dave with the fundraising & ride to go with it. PS, if you wanna update the Steve Hogg bit..Its on YouTube as As you know Diamond Shifter is the name of the original act. Yes you played on two songs. PS I contacted Billy Nicholls on Facebook and he friended me also. He listened to UNDERSTAND on YouTube. I think he was chuffed.

    1. Hey Stephen, and yes I will update your spot to include your resurgence! Billy is the man I call when I need female backing vocals, no sexism here!

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