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Training, I’m Training? for a 200km ride woo hoo

200km in two days sounds like a lot to a commuter riding around on a single speed bike! I’ve done 50k+ day rides for fun with no problem but two blocks of 100k in a weekend sounds, um, daunting! First thing to do was to plan my training so when the BIG weekend arrives I […]

Grenade? Pull the pin and let training begin!

The hand went in to get the pin out on Wed (yes I went with it), yay. Dr was nice; pins came out easy and painlessly, but still have to wear the brace for a while longer… So next stop the hand therapist. Hand therapists a nice people who do dressings, make protective braces out […]

Statistics Vs People with names, Elvis and Bushfires

Bushfire! That would be the analogy I’d use to describe how cancer hits one person and misses the next. How cancer can spread in your body like burning embers floating on the wind and touching lightly down to start yet another fire burning. Your body’s volunteer fire fighters bravely fighting against all odds, the whim […]

So much support, WOW – and driving in cars …

Firstly, a sincere thanks to all those who have donated and the kind words of support, Toni and I really appreciate it. Well it’s nice and toasty in Melbourne this week and waiting for my thumb to heal is frustrating, with luck in two weeks I’ll be back on the bike and can start my […]

Why Fundraising and not Government Funding?

I’m glad you asked!Government funding: As a taxpayer it would be nice to have a genuine say in where my tax dollar goes,I guess every few years I get to vote on the broader picture, but that doesn’t have an immediate effect.And of course, this method relies on;  A: My choice winning. B: They then deliver […]

Have a coffee before sending out emails!

Hi All, So the next step for me is to send out emails to raise donations, it’s a simple process. I log in to my fundraising page and create an email template and, well, send it out to my friends etc… Sounds easy enough. So I write my letter and send a test copy to […]

The Journey Begins… in hospital yay & Big decisions!

So the decision has been made (well Toni told me to do it) you know how it works, I get to make all the BIG decisions and Toni makes all the little ones….. there hasn’t been any big decisions to make yet, but when there is I get to make it! And the timing is perfect […]